My Personal Story
Bloat is a rapidly progressing life-threatening disorder that requires emergency medical, and
likely surgical, intervention.

over 20 years of small animal practice I've seen 2 cases at work.  I called a local
emergency clinic and they average about 6-10 a year.  For some reason this seems to be a
condition that happens "after hours."

The technical term for bloat is gastric dilation-volvulus (GDV.)  Gastric dilation refers to the
over distention of the stomach with air or fluid.  About 75% of cases will involve volvulus,
which is the twisting of the stomach along it's axis.
What is Bloat?
As the stomach distends and twists it cuts off the blood supply which quickly leads to  
tissue death and the relaease of toxins.  It is not uncommon for the spleen to also be
involved.  These changes can occur in a matter of hours, leading to shock and death.

This is a true emergency requiring
immediate veterinary attention!  It comes on fast and
progresses rapidly.  Even with treatment, the mortality rate is around 30%.