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The most common sign of bloat is the dog is trying to vomit but nothing comes up.  They
may be drooling excessively as well.

These dogs are very uncomfortable.  They may pace, lay down and get up, stand with an
abnormal stance, pant, hide, etc.

Usually, but not always, they have a very tightly distended abdomen.

More advanced cases will show signs of shock (abnormal gum color, weak rapid pulse,
prolonged capillary refill time, fast or shallow breathing)
What Are the Warning
Signs of Bloat?

Learn to feel the femoral pulse bisecting the inside thigh.  Know what is normal for your dog
at rest.
Normal pulse:
Quiet/ asleep = 50-90/minute
Normal activity = 80-160/minute
Exercise = up to 230/minute
Smaller dogs will have faster heart rates/ pulses

Capillary Refill Time (CRT): This is the time it takes for gum color to return to normal after
blanching it with pressure from a finger.  Normal CRT is 2 seconds or less.

Normal respiration rate: 20-40/ minute