Wildhearts Keeper Of The Keys
Hagrid is in California with the litter's
co-breeder and family.
"Billie Jean" (blue collar)
Showndows First Match At EverTrue
Billie Jean is in California with Rose's co-breeder.
She lives close by to Hagrid so they get to play
together still.  She is the one pictured on the far left.
"Bogey" (camo. collar)
Showdowns First On The Green
Bogey is in Washington state
"Blush" (lavender collar)
Showdowns Fist Mstkl Blush
Blush is in Portland, Oregon
"Flirt" (light pink collar)
Showdown's First Kiss
Flirt stayed home with me.
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"Neeko" (purple collar)
Showdowns Pick Me First
Neeko lives up north in Canada
"Chopper" (red collar)
Showdowns First Custom
Chopper lives near Reno
"Lakota" (hot pink collar)
Showdown's First Luvbull Lakota
lives in California
"Otis" (flame collar)
Showdowns First Mate
lives in Seattle, Washington
"Kenny" (smilie collar)
Tragically Kenny sucumbed
to a sudden case of
pneumonia.  He is greatly
missed by his family.
"First" Litter
Rose X Caleb
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