PH (hips) .44/.41
OFA hips/ elbows./ heart/ throid
Am Ch/Can BIS BISS Ch. Janhamer's So Irresistabull
PH (hips) .26/.25 - OVC elbows - echo (heart) - thyroid
Ch Wildhearts Valentine Rose NAP OJP CGC
OFA good /elbows /thyroid - echo.(heart) normal
Ch Wild West Arrow Of Lone Pine
OFA good /
elbows /thyroid/
Irresistabull's That Grip
OFA good /
elbows / heart /
thyroid / CERF
Ch Johari's WildHeart Tsunami
WildHearts I'm A Believer
OFA fair /elbows
Ch Guardman's Petra Of Lone
Ch Sherwood's So Irresista-Bull
OFA good /elbows /heart /thyroid /CERF
OFA fair /thyroid / CERF
Ch Kilroy's Sonoma Sam
Ch Johari's Dazzling Topaz
OFA good
BIS Ch Wild Hearts Homebrew
Ch Wildhearts Brass Ring
Bloat Kits
OFA good /elbows /heart
OFA excellent /elbows/ heart /thyroid
Ch Oakridge Fresh Prince
OFA good /elbows / thyroid
OFA good /elbows
Ch Oakridge DOX On Ice CD
Ch Kilroy's Femme Fatale
OFA excellent/
elbows /thyroid
Oscar X Flirt
Ch Oakridge Dream Weaver
OFA good /elbows /CERF
OFA good
Ch Fair Go's Terra Beara Bull
GDC hips & elbows
Am/Can Ch. DOX Fast Freddy Of Shady Oak
OFA excellent / CERF
OFA good /elbows / thyroid
Am/Can Ch. DOX Spear Of Loki
OFA good /elbows
Ch Oakridge Kiss To Kilroy
OFA good /elbows
(littermate to Ch Kilroy's Sonoma Sam)
Ch = AKC conformation/ show Champion
BIS = Best In Show   BISS =  Best In Specialty Show
TT = Temperament Test
CGC = Canine Good Citizen
OJP = Open Jumpers Preferred (agility)