'What Are The Odds?" Litter
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Zodiac x Kerby
9 girls & 1 boy
Born February 8, 2019
Ch Showdown's What's Your Sign
GCh Ishana Kerberos Guardian of the Way
Showdown's Luck Bea A Lady
Showdown's The Big
Slick "Vesta"
Showdown's Up The
Ante "Pippa"
Showdown's The House
Always Wins At Misty
Mountain "Reign"
Showdown's Place Your
Bets On Kilroy "Lola"
Showdown's Odds On
Favorite For Kilroy "Ilani"
Showdown's A Chip and
A Chair "Kitty"
Showdown's Shoot
the Moon "Luna"
Showdown's Soul Man
Showdown's Queen of
Hearts "Xena"
I was lucky to have the opportunity to co-breed this litter with long-time breeder, Doreen
Hodgin of Kilroy Bullmastiffs.  Zodiac has sound structure, a strong head and a working
temperament that I hope to continue in my line.  Kerby also brings correct moderate
structure, a very stable temperament and a nice bite.  So far in the puppies I'm seeing
some beautiful fronts, croups and heads.