Showdown Kennels is located in
the beautiful Pacific northwest,
just south of Portland, Oregon.  
Sandra is a small animal
veterinarian by profession and
most of her hobbies revolve
around the dogs. First and
foremost, the dogs are part of
the family.  They all live in the
house and are involved in daily
life activities.
Showdown is actively involved in conformation and
agility and has dabbled in many other performance
events (rally, tracking, carting, lure coursing, barn
hunt).  We have downsized the Wirehair gang to one
retiree, but in the past they were shown in
conformation and pointing dog field trials, with most
obtaining dual champion titles.  Our dogs are all
owner trained and handled.  We are members of local
and national breed clubs for both breeds.
Showdown Kennels does limited breedings, of
approximately one litter every 2-4 years.  The dogs
are selected and screened for health, temperament,
soundness and to meeting breed standards. We are
big proponents of selective breeding for family and
function, not just for convenience sake.
Showdown Kennels
German Wirehaired Pointers
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