A Showdown
Bullmastiffs are prone to uterine
inertia during labor.  This is where
the muscles of the uterus quit
contracting and labor stops.  For this
reason, many breeders elect to do
scheduled C-sections.
The procedure is usually done under
general anesthesia with short acting drugs.  
The site is clipped and surgically scrubbed.
The uterus is brought out of the body.  This particular
picture was a litter of 10.  An incision is made in the
The puppies are still encased in the placenta.  The
technician tears open this tissue and begins
As the surgeon sutures the uterus and closes
the body incision of the bitch.  The
assistants stay busy working with the
puppies to ensure they are all healthy.

The pink noses and lips will turn black in a