Spaceman Spiff AX NJWW
September 3, 1994 -
March 30, 2009
Calvin was Gary's first hunting
dog.  With his typical Labrador
"willing to please" attiitude, a
bit of training, and a lot of
natural hunting ability, he
became an excellent upland
game bird dog.   The boys
spent many weekends in
eastern Oregon
made a career change.  Together,
we learned the new game of
agility and  we were both hooked.  
I never had intentions of earned
his Agility Excellent title.
Calvin  retired to enjoy the good
retired to enjoy the good
periodically bring into his home
things in life.  He  tolerated the
and was a good teacher of
"respect your elders."   Overall he
helped us raise 9 puppies in his
Bloat Kits