Pet Overpopulation.   In a year, approximately 50,000 pets are
euthanized in Oregon shelters alone.  This is due to the fact that there
are not enough homes for these vast numbers of animals, including

Pet Safety.   The majority of pets that are hit by cars are intact
animals.  This is due to their desire to roam "in search of" a mate.

Health of Your Pet

  • Mammary cancer is the number one cancer in female dogs.  If she is
    spayed prior to her first heat cycle, this risk is virtually eliminated.  
    The odds increase with each heat cycle that passes, up to 2 ½
    years, where the risk plateaus.
  • Testicular cancer or infection will not occur in a neutered animal.
  • Prostate hyperplasia (enlargement) occurring in intact males can
    lead to cyst formation or infections of the prostate gland.
  • Uterine infection (pyometra) is a very common and life
    threatening problem in intact females.  Treatment for this is an
    emergency (often requiring surgery) and can be very costly.

Behavioral Problems.   Intact males often have more aggressive tendencies
either toward other animals, or people.  They also "mark" their
territory, which may include your home.

Dealing With Heat Cycles   When a bitch is coming in heat she will have
a bloody vaginal discharge.  The amount varies but can be quite messy.  
She must be closely supervised as other dogs in the area can sense this
and will be determined to find her.  She also will want to find them,
further increasing risks of an unwanted pregnancy.


Spaying/neutering will make my pet fat and lazy.  False.  The amount of
calories consumed and the amount of exercise determines your pet's
weight.  The personality stays the same.

Having one litter will maker her a better pet.  False.  There is just no
truth to this.

My pet is registered, or is a purebred, therefore it should be bred.  
False.  Just because your pet has papers does not make it breeding
Why Spay/Neuter Your Dog ?
Sandra Statter, DVM
Showdown Kennels
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