Ol West Tequilla Sunrise
September 29, 1997 - November 6, 2009
Sire: Ch Ol West Sitting Bull
Dam: Ch Ol West Ellie Mae
Quilla was to be my first showdog, but unfortunately for me, she
didn't agree.  She hated the show ring, and it definately showed.  She
placed in her puppy class at the 1998  Nationals and accumulated 11
points, including both her majors, before I agreed to retire her.
Her next endeavor was agility. She loved classes
and was doing very well.  Once again though, her
career was cut short.  She had a very strong prey
drive which helped her excel in agility, but also
made her untrustworthy off lead with small furry
creatures around.  Once again, she was retired.
Quilla's next job description was to rule as
queen of the household, teach puppies to
respect their elders, and primary bed warmer.
We lost Quilla at the ripe old age
of 12.  She will be missed.